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Smart Routes - IoT Solution

Published May 25, 2017

Traffic congestion is a big problem for everyone within the city. The average urban commuter is stuck in traffic for 34 hours every year, which are frustrating and expensive for those concerned. This means we have to get out of bed earlier, stay at work later so we can beat the rush; it takes away from leisure time, social engagements and time to do other tasks throughout the day. In addition, it is not always the actual journey that brings traffic problems. Studies have suggested that, on average, 30% of cars circling a city at any given time were looking for a parking lot. The parking problem is not the sole reason for traffic jam, but it is a major contributing factor. If we can cut the time it takes drivers to look for a parking space, the difference in the traffic congestion is meaningful.

In the age of smart devices, big data and advanced communication networks, we found a way to use data to solve the big problem cost-effectively. Our solution is Smart Routes which includes Smart Parking and Traffic Congestion Monitoring. The Smart Parking feature tells motorists where they have a higher chance of finding a space. This means less time looking for somewhere to park and therefore less time clogging up the roads. Besides, the Traffic Congestion Monitoring detects traffic on the road and will then label that as light, normal or heavy. So, the drivers can plan their routes ahead, and avoid these congestions.

Here is our solution pitch.